A whole new way to pay your players & coaches

A whole new way to pay your players & coaches

New feature: Payroll Management Module

Have you ever found yourself spending more time doing your payroll than you expected? Or, perhaps you found out that it is not recommended to forget to pay a player?

We’ve been accompanying football clubs for years and we have seen a lot of payroll processes. Each and every one of them takes time and is error-prone.

Tracking contractual (basic wage, loyalty bonuses, salary increases, match bonuses, benefits in kind…) and collective remunerations (squad bonus scheme), comparing them to the sports results and communicating all those details to the payroll through lots of Excel spreadsheets is a laborious way.

We are proud to announce that those days are over with our new payroll module. From now on, you will be able to do every single pay slip, for your players and coaches, in a few clicks. Every single fixed & variable remunerations are automatically calculated within our platform and directly exported to your payroll software through an interface.

Payroll 2Match bonuses automatic calculation based on contractual information, bonus scheme & sport results.

PayslipA player’s payslip ready to export to the payroll system after validation.