Change the way you manage contracts.

At last, a sports contract solution in line with financial stakes.


The highest security for your sports contracts.

Rights management

Rights management

Manage each user’s rights.

Secure connection

Secure connection

Ensure the highest level of security for your sports contracts.



Daily backup.



Provide your sports contracts with high-availability servers.

No more tinkering. Switch to structured data.

Quit your spreadsheet and be serene again.


Automate your queries

No more formula bugs or release problems, your queries and settings are defined once and for all.


Maximum vigilance

Warnings, news, gauges, you will never be surprised by an unsuspected term or triggering event anymore.


Stay live

Your analysis always takes into account the latest contracts entered, to ensure a more precise cost management.

No need to look further. Everything is here.

Find an answer to your question within 30 seconds.


The Player Sheet: A 360° view

All the information regarding a player on a single 360° page.


Analysis report: A comparative and prospective view

View and manipulate all your data easily.


Full availability

Access all your data on your mobile devices wherever you’re traveling.

Focus on what really matters. You have more important things to do.

Save time with a fully integrated process.


Adding contracts

Add all contractual clauses of a new contract in less than 5 minutes. No need to manually fill in all your spreadsheets.


Payroll calculations

An Interface between your contracts and score sheets generates your payroll preparatory statement in just a few clicks. Calculating payrolls is no longer a tedious task.



Your charts and analysis are automatically supplied with your data.



Cash management

Agent fees, transfer fees and bonus schedules.


Excel Export

Download your analysis to Excel© to produce complementary reports.


Customizable UI

Your platform can be customized to insert your colours and logos.

Sports contract costs

Analyze your payroll costs, agent fees, transfer fees.


Document management

Upload and view your contracts from the platform.


100% Collaborative

Keep everyone informed according to their role.

Asset management

Acquisitions, disposals, annual charge, impairment.


Solidarity contribution

Our solutions include FIFA solidarity contribution calculation.


Search engine

Easily find a player, an agent or a club.