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  • In the past, I was not always informed when new contracts are signed. I always had to ask for information. Now, with the news feed I am sure not to miss something.
    Paymaster - Ligue 1 Club
  • What you are doing is brillant. It's exactly what I wanted to set up in every club I worked for. You can be proud of yourselves!
    CFO - Championship Club
  • The Excel spreadsheets I used had reached their boundaries. I was limited in the number of scenario I could manage. It is the reason why I chose to digitalize my contracts.
    CFO - Ligue 1 Club
  • Due to the relegation we unfortunately had to dismiss an employee in the financial department. SD Contract Manager has been a minor cost alternative to compensate this loss.  
    CFO - Ligue 2 Club
  • Being able to consult player contracts makes me saving a precious time during the mercato's key moments.
    Team Manager - Ligue 1 Club
  • Since we have been working with SPORTS DECISIONS, information is finally within reach ! Reportings and information I need are available in 3 clicks wherever I am. No need to disturb my teams anymore.
    CEO -  Ligue 1 Club

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How can I subscribe ?

Contact-us and we will set up your own platform quickly.

What kind of contract clauses do you manage ?

Our platform manages 100% of your contractual clauses. With SD contract Manager, you can add, monitor and anticipate every triggering :

  • Player fixed income and contingent bonuses
  • Fixed and variable Agent Fees
  • Fixed and variable Transfer Fees

Contact us to have a detailed listing of our contractual clauses automatically managed.

What if we have VERY specific clauses ?

Our experience with football clubs allows us to natively manage 95% to 100% of your contractual clauses. SPORTS DECISIONS’s aim is to provide a hight quality service.

Thus if you would have very specific contractual clauses we would propose you a tailored development.

Contact us to evaluate your needs.

Can I change my plan ?

It is very easy to change your plan. You just need to contact us and we will take your demand into account..

Do you have a trial version ?

Contact us to have a demonstration. We will be pleased to show you the whole features through a practical case tailored to your club.

Can I have a discount ?

If you apply for 12 months and prefer to pay the annual fee one shot, you would benefit from the following rebate:

  • CHAMPION MANAGER: 1 month for free
  • PREMIUM MANAGER: 2 months for free